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I want to thank those voters that supported me in the March 1, 2016 Mayoral Election. Unfortunately I lost.  I have served the Village for 16 years and love this community.  I will not give up on the Village.  To that end, I will keep this web site active and report on issues concerning the Village.  So stay tuned!

Thanks again to those who supported me!

As the Chief Elected Official (CEO) of a community, the Mayor retains the title for life.  Therefore, I plan to keep this BobtheMayor website active.

Just a little note.  When I took office as Mayor in 2012, Mayor Wayne Ake made it a point at a Council meeting to say that he had left the Village in good financial shape when he passed the reigns over to me and that I better keep it in good financial shape.  Well, over the four years that I was Mayor we always balanced the budget, had surpluses at the end of each year, and had clean audits.  Mayor Ake did not have clean audits in his first two terms as Mayor.  Now he is Mayor again and the first draft budget he was working with for the upcoming fiscal year was $92,000 more than projected revenue.  The Council must balance the budget, so they have to cut more out of the budget, although the Village Administrator didn't know how they were going to do that.  Not sure the new Mayor is living up to the expectations he places on others!

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This website was established by Bob Knowlton, the whilom (former) Mayor of the Village of Bosque Farms, New Mexico. The intent of this site is to provide information about Bosque Farms current events, as well as expressed opinions by the Mayor. As with anything political in nature, some readers will agree and some disagree with the opinions expressed here. Please note that this website is not sanctioned by the Village of Bosque Farms, and is a product solely of Mayor Bob Knowlton.

I love our community and want to provide some measure of support to keep our community safe and maintain our rural lifestyle. Thanks for visiting my web site. If you want to contact me, please do so by emailing me at:



Some of you may be interested in a little Bosque Farms history. I am systematically scanning the Bosque Farms Fair Books from over the 72 years that the Fair has been in existence. You can download the Fair books that I have scanned to date through the Meetings link above, or just click here: Bosque Farms Fair
The Village of Bosque Farms maintains an official web site. Click here to access it.